Streamline Operations & Optimize Your OPEX With TripTraka

Optimize your operations with TripTraka platform.

Redirect staff to more impactful revenue roles. Enhance efficiency, reduce printing costs, and access your data powerfully as a single point of truth.

How does TripTraka work?

The TripTraka platform seamlessly integrates with your current backend reservation system and allows you to achieve a single point of truth for your core business data.

This approach solves the common problem of managing similar – often out-of-date – data sets. In doing so it streamlines many core business functions including guest travel documents, reporting, digital asset management, marketing brochures and so much more…

White-labelled guest app

While many large travel operators have the technical and financial resources to make significant investments in the development of smartphone apps for their guests, most smaller operators do not have that luxury. The TripTraka approach closes this gap by delivering a feature rich guest travel app in a fraction of the time and at a fraction of the cost typically associated with similar implementations.

The TripTraka Mobile App is white-labelled to your brand and enhances guest experience with features that travellers love. The app also comes packed with features that will streamline many of your operational tasks, saving costs and driving revenue, during and after every trip.

Best of all, the app’s innovative word-of-mouth promotion and lead-generation functions will help you fill future trips.

Automatic generation & distribution of digital Guest Travel Booklets

With TripTraka, on-board newsletters, guest booklets and other paper forms no longer require printing. Instead generate professional, digital versions for e-distribution or printing. Now you’re a much ‘greener’ company – a strong value point for many guests.

On-Demand generation of Digital Marketing Flyers

Easily generate marketing flyers for future departures, well in advance of each new season. Share them instantly with internal sales teams and external travel partners.

Professional Guest Portal

The TripTraka Guest Portal embeds within your corporate website, allowing guests to do all their pre-trip check-ins, sign-up for excursions, and even finalize payments online.

Digital Asset Management

Manage your digital assets organization-wide and ensure compliance with all of your associated licenses.

Your internal sales and marketing teams, as well as external travel partners, can easily access your approved marketing content in real-time.

Current system vs TripTraka platform

FeatureOther System
Generate marketing flyers
Create guest forms
Share on-board guest booklets
Finalize payments online
White-labelled guest app
Guest portal
Data single point of truth
Real-time access to marketing content

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