The Guest App

The guest travel app is designed for both tablet and smartphones supporting both iOS and Android devices.

Once the branding of the app has been completed it can then be used ‘right out of the box’ or further customised to deliver any additional requirements.

The Ops' Portal

The Ops’ Portal is a simple yet powerful web based portal that is used by both the Operations and Marketing teams to manage the various components of the TripTraka Enterprise solution. Key functions include:

  • Itinerary Management – ‘Parent’ itineraries can be fully managed within the Ops Portal or seamlessly integrated from existing corporate systems.  Key data can be viewed and enhanced with any additional information that may be required for display within the Guest App, Corporate Web Site or other downstream system;
  • Trip Management – Including the configuration of departures, ports, points of interest and daily activities;
  • Guest Travel Documents – A template driven approach facilitates the efficient production of guest travel documents. These can be distributed to Guests electronically or output in a range of formats reading for printing;
  • Real Time Fleet tracking – Detailed maps show the current location and real-time path of individual ships, vehicles or tour group;
  • Guest Management – A Single point of access for booking information as well as management and support of accounts for end users of the Guest App;
  • Reporting – The usage and ongoing performance of the Guest App can be easily monitored via a range of standard reports and dashboards.


The CMS Module of TripTraka delivers a flexible Content Management System (CMS) that provides a ‘single point of truth’ for managing consistent, seamless and secure access to business data required to support a range of core business functions.

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